The Oak Ridge Storage Difference

Oak Ridge Storage Facility Advantages

  • No Elevators or Stairs: Avoiding the hassle of elevators or stairs is a significant advantage, especially when moving heavy or awkward items.
  • Ease of Access: Drive-up units allow for direct vehicle access, making it much easier to load and unload items directly from a car, truck, or moving van. This is particularly beneficial for heavy or bulky items.
  • Time-Saving: Because you can drive right up to the unit, it saves time moving items in and out. This is a significant advantage for those who frequently access their storage unit.
  • Convenience for Large Items: For storing large items like furniture, machinery, or large quantities of goods, drive-up storage offers the convenience of space and accessibility.
  • Reduced Handling: Less handling of items is required since you can unload directly into the unit. This minimizes the risk of damage through excessive moving or handling.
  • 24/7 Access: 24/7 access is available, which is particularly useful for business owners or individuals who need to access their belongings at unconventional hours.
  • Privacy: Our drive-up units can offer more privacy since you can load and unload your items directly from your vehicle to the unit without carrying them through common areas.

Oak Ridge Storage Personalized Approach to Customer Service

  • Personalized Customer Interaction: Our on-site staff are here 6 days a week to help you pick the best storage unit for your needs, we don’t ask you to “do it yourself”.
  • Customized Solutions: Our on-site staff can provide customized storage solutions based on the specific needs of each customer. We can offer advice on the size of the storage unit required, the best ways to store items, and any additional services that might be beneficial.
  • Immediate Assistance: If a customer has questions or needs help, our on-site staff can provide immediate assistance.
  • Building Relationships: Our customers can appreciate seeing familiar faces and having staff who understand their specific storage needs and preferences.
  • Guided Tours: Unlike impersonal online registration and check-in, we can offer guided tours of the premises, demonstrate how to best use the storage space, and provide hands-on assistance with logistics and planning.
  • Responsive to Feedback and Concerns: Personal interaction enables staff to respond to any feedback or concerns immediately. This can include adjusting storage arrangements or addressing any issues much more rapidly than an online-only service.
  • Community Connection: ORS is locally owned and operated. We are in tune with local needs and preferences, offering a more personalized experience.
  • Ease of Problem Resolution: Our on-site personnel means problems can often be resolved quickly and efficiently, without the need to navigate through online customer service protocols.
  • Insurance: Available but not mandatory
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